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Trade Online with Web Trader

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The Web Trader VRTX terminal was designed using HTML 5 technology and is compatible withall major currencies. It provides a common e-wallet for all virtual environments, thepublication of news markets and the transfer of quotes in real time.

Thanks to the simple and convenient Web Trader VRTX interface, you can easily enter intotransactions with one click and open numerous positions without downloading andinstalling any programs on your computer.

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The main functions of Web Trader

  • Execution of orders with one click
  • Real-time analysis and charts
  • Instant access to world markets
  • Convenient virtual trading environment
  • Social trading, the ability to copytransactions of other traders
  • Built-in graphics and charts
Trade Online with Web Trader

VRTX Trader Currency Trading Platform

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VRTX Trader is the most reliable and innovative tradingplatform that allows traders from around the world to freely trade currencies, preciousmetals, energy, Futures, stocks, indices and other assets online.

Access to the VRTX Trader platform enables you to execute orders, fully using tradingalgorithms and the minimum possible spreads, follow the market dynamics in real time,open and close transactions with perfect accuracy, as well as use exclusive tradingtools and advanced reporting features.

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What are the benefits of VRTX Trader?

  • Clear and user-friendly interface
  • Over 250 financial instruments
  • Trade in currencies, energy,agricultural commodities, stock indexes and Futures
  • Extensive list of stocks from allworld markets
  • One click trading
  • Large selection of customizedtechnical indicators
  • Multilingual support

Key Features VRTX

  • Sliding stop orders
  • Large selection of technical analysistools
  • Ability to export/import transactionhistory
  • Reliable protection system
  • Tracking quotes of all instruments inreal time
  • Several types of graphs with advancedfeatures